Christian living


The Headmaster at my school chooses a theme for each school year. The theme last year was “Love never fails,” which was a great thing to keep in mind while dealing with all of the trials of trying to teach children in the classroom and remote at the same time. The point was not the achievement of technical and academic perfection, but to endeavor to receive and share the love of Christ when working with the students and with each other.

The theme this year is “Cast your cares/burdens/anxieties on the Lord, and He will support you.” I think this is especially appropriate this year. In many ways, the beginning of this year is not the seemingly impossible task we faced last year, but there are still many uncertainties that can lead to anxiety. The short-term task is not as daunting, but when looking long-term there are big questions. We must remember that the Lord knows what is going to happen, and he knows what we need. We cannot figure it all out, but he will lead us step by step. I am so blessed to be working for someone who understands these fundamental truths that are so misunderstood in most of the world today.

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